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MazaCAMGeoPath Direct Mazatrol Output ModuleMazaCAM CAD/CAM and Editor

Now Advanced Off-line CNC Programming for Mazak Users is Easy and Affordable

Have you ever needed to... off-line CNC programming? Draw parts and output to both Mazatrol and EIA/G-code? Load and edit existing CAD files (such as DXF, IGES, CADL, etc.)? Convert EIA/G-Code to Mazatrol? Print a Mazatrol program? Store or move your Mazatrol programs-even to other CNC machines? These were all common problems Mazak owners had been facing for years. > Read more on our site dedicated to direct Mazatrol output.

Mazak cuttingMaking a great machine even better.
Mazatrol offers an excellent programming platform for machinists, however when it comes to large or complex programs, manual programming can become time consuming while your machine is sitting idle. GeoPath will increase the existing programming power of Mazatrol and will help you get the most out of your Mazak. Besides making programming easier and faster, there are numerous other benefits (explained below) that makes the combination of GeoPath and Mazatrol very profitable.

Not just off-line programming; it's a complete CAD/CAM system.
SolutionWare enhanced its own complete CAD/CAM system — GeoPath — with the Direct Mazatrol Output module. GeoPath with the Mazatrol module offers Mazatrol programmers a full array of CAD/CAM capabilities, with the additional function of outputting Mazatrol programs. Hence GeoPath is not just a mere MazaCAM mazatrol programming'off-line assistance package', but instead it is the only complete CAD/CAM system with Mazatrol output capabilities for your Mazaks, and G-code output for other CNC Machines. This module has proven to be a great success with Mazak owners in today's manufacturing market, and is in use in companies such as Boeing, Siemens, Caterpillar and many more.

What satisfied users have to say:
"Since purchasing SolutionWare's GeoPath with Direct Mazatrol Output I have found that our downtime has been reduced by 80%! The software is also easy to learn and after completing a two day class I was off and running."
— Richard Esser, Ermco

"Before we installed GeoPath we always had idle machines on the shop floor, but now by fully utilizing this system we have increased our production to the extent that we recently had to start a night shift, for the first time ever, to keep up with production."
— JB Rodriguez Jr., Star Tool & Engineering

Mazatrol to G-Code conversion programer"We have both Mazaks and other machines, and when programming parts we have found that GeoPath is very easy to use and void of complexities. It is also very easy to make multiple parts."
— Angel Lopez, Boeing

Easy Mazatrol to G-Code conversion.
SolutionWare's Off-Line Mazatrol Editor is now capable of taking existing Mazatrol programs of a Mazatrol control and convert them to G-code, bringing in all relevant tool information, including speeds, feeds, depth of cuts, etc. GeoPath configurable post-processors can then output the G-code the way you want it to your G-code machines. For more information please contact SolutionWare. Click here to see the diagram of conversion process.

Real CNC Solutions
Conventional NC programming methods are in most cases time consuming and cause unnecessary down-time. GeoPath solves these problems.

Real CAD/CAM Software
GeoPath provides a fully integrated CAD/CAM system, with a full set of true CAD features to draw new parts or load and edit existing CAD files.

Real Off-Line Editing
Additionally to the Direct Mazatrol Output module, a Mazatrol Editor is also available. So, save time and write or edit your programs off-line.

Real Compatibility with other Machines
Cut parts in a real manufacturing environment. GeoPath makes your Mazak fully compatible with other machine tools (Fanuc, etc.)

Real Powerful CAM Features
GeoPath provides a wide array of CAM features that will make your programming easier and faster. Use these features to increase productivity.

Some of the specifications:

Create and Edit Mazatrol on your computer

Convert Mazatrol Programs to Other Mazak Controls

Convert CAD (DXF, IGES, etc.) to Mazatrol

Advanced Communications to and from various CNCs.

Tool-Path Check

Save & Back-up Programs, File Management. CMT-I/O, Floppy-Disk, Network, USB, Flash-Card, Micro-Disk

Run-Time Estimation

QT-Smart, Matrix, Fusion-640M/T/MT, M-Pro & MT-Pro, M2, M32, M-Plus, T1/2/3, T32, T-Plus


MazaCAM programs the Integrex, e-Machine, Multiplex, Quick Turn and Super Quick Turn, Nexus and the broad range of horizontal and vertical machining centers as well as all standard G-code CNCs.

System requirements:

Operating Systems:

Windows® XP, Vista or 7.

Network Capabilities:

Network capabilities for Windows® XP, Vista or 7.


Pentium, mouse or compatible pointing device. VGA or SVGA card and Windows® compatible monitor. Printer (parallel) port. Serial port to communicate with NC machines (not the mouse port).


1GB free space on hard-drive and 4GB of Ram.

Hard-disk space:

At least 100MB of disk space, not including Windows® and Windows® swap-file.

For a complete list of specifications and prices please call our sales department at (408) 249-1529 or toll-free at 1 (888) 3CAD-CAM (1-888-322-3226) in the USA. Our office hours are from Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST, you can also fill out our electronic form and we will send you information.

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