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GeoPath Upgrade

To make GeoPath even more robust and efficient, a large amount of new enhancements and improvements went into GeoPath to make programming even smoother. Some of the new features are:

GeoPath and machines cutting parts

  • Program Utilities toolbar for quicker access to various functions and applications such as Run-Time, Make Tool-Sheet, Make NC Program, Make Mazatrol and more...

  • Lathe 2-axis rendering for better graphical representation of the part

  • Major 3D cutting improvements for easier 3D machining

  • 3D Rendering capabilities for 3D Surface file to give the user a better graphical representation of the final part

  • Improvement on 3D projection to NURBS surfaces: users can now make 3D toolpath cutting go across one or multiple NURBS surfaces.

  • Ability to extract 2-axis geometry from 3D surface files for easier programming of cuts.

  • and much much more.

If you currently own GeoPath and are under service contract, you can obtain your free upgrade by sending a fax requesting the new update together with your company name and address to SolutionWare at 408-371-3712.

If you are interested in upgrading but you are not under service contract or do not own GeoPath but another CAD/CAM system, please call SolutionWare's sales office at 408-249-1529 or toll-free at 888-3CAD-CAM. You can also fill out the form on this site to get more info.

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